And it's a wrap! Congratulations to every single participants: you are all winners and you all should be proud of the fantastic work you have done. Also, a big thank you to our mentors, judges, organisers of the Beda Tapi Satu hackathon 2016 in Jakarta, Indonesia. Terima kasih Indonesia! Everything was awesome. Until next time!

Congratulations to Team Durian Pedas for their winning project! Here's a video from their winning presentation!

What is Beda Tapi Satu?
Beda Tapi Satu (“Different But One”) is a unique social impact hackathon sponsored by Facebook that aims to support Indonesia's tradition of coexistence and ethnic, linguistic, and religious diversity.
With more than 300 distinct native ethnic groups and over 700 languages and dialects, Indonesia has charted a path of peaceful pluralism that is recognized as a model by other countries. We've designed Beda Tapi Satu to celebrate and support Indonesian diversity.
What happens during the hackathon (May 31-June 2)?
From May 31-June 2, teams of social entrepreneurs, programmers, grassroots leaders, designers, storytellers, students, and others will compete in a fast paced race-against-the-clock to imagine new digital platforms and tools that can promote the strength of Indonesia’s diversity and promote peace.
To kick off the event, there will be a social media workshop, open to the public, on the evening of May 31. Representatives from Facebook will team with social media experts to explain best practices in creating online campaigns that have traction in social media environments.
Teams will ideate and develop concepts; work with startup and technology mentors; build prototypes; test, iterate, and refine these prototypes; and pitch their initiatives to a judging panel, a live audience, and online crowd that will be watching a live stream and voting via an online platform.
The winning team will receive mentorship, funding, and other support to turn their idea into a working online tool that reaches millions of people. Other teams will have the opportunity to further their own initiatives if desired.
Why are we holding Beda Tapi Satu?
Last August, Indonesia celebrated its 70th independence anniversary and the enduring strength and resilience of Bhinneka Tunggal Ika (Unity in Diversity). The importance of Bhinneka Tunggal Ika in the cultural fabric and history of Indonesia will be important in counteracting the recent rise of religious and ethnic intolerance. Recognizing that some people have launched an “assault on Indonesian religious diversity,” President Joko Widodo is prioritizing respect for religious and ethnic diversity as a core focus of his administration, an approach that will help build inter-community social capital, lines of communication, and a shared identity to counter divisiveness. In addition, the President in February announced "Indonesia's Digital Initiative: Empowering Leaders of Peace through Digital Platforms” to further bolster social harmony.
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